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    Bosch String Inverter


Bosch String Inverter

Here you find product information and documentation on PV inverter.

String inverter BPT-S 3-4.6

Firmware Update

Document Firmware Update with e.Data (PDF)


Firmware update-901D602_2017.10

Technical datasheet

Datasheet BPT-S 3-4.6 (PDF)


The inverters of the future: Welcome to a networked world (PDF)

A sustainable future with the Bosch inverter - The heart of your photovoltaic system (PDF)

Internet connection (PDF)

Instruction manuals

Bosch PTS-S Series Inverters Supplementary manual DRM Solution_October 2016

Operation manual (PDF)

Quick install manual

Utility settings manual: Energex, Ergon, Tasnetworks (PDF)

Customer information: Initial start-up with e.Key or gesture control WITHOUT an Internet connection(PDF)

Customer information: design ratio (PDF)

Films and animations

The new Bosch string inverters - intelligent operation inside (MP4)

Certificates and declaration of conformity

Country overview BPT-S 3 - 4.6 (PDF)

Certificate of Conformity self-generation unit and NS protection, VDE-AR-N-4105, BPT-S 3 - 4.6 (PDF)

BPT-S 3-3 68 REACH compliance (PDF)

Certificate_GCC_G83-2_15-003 (PDF)

Certificate GCC_G59-3_15-089-00 (PDF)

Certificate GCC_NRS097_15-004-00 (PDF)

VDE statement of conformity, BPT-S 3 - 3.68 (PDF)

Declaration of conformity, BPT-S 3-3.68 (PDF)

Declaration of conformity, BPT-S 4 - 4.6 (PDF)

Declaration of Conformity_IEC_62109, BPT-S 3 - 4.6 (PDF)

ISTA Certificate (1-phase low) (PDF)

ISTA Certificate (1-phase high) (PDF)

SAA, Certificate ND 160662a Suitability

Addendum to the SAA Certificate 1 160662a s

Declaration of Conformity, IEC 60068, BPT-S 3 - 4.6 (PDF)

Certificate NRS- 097-2-1 2010, BPT-S 3 - 4.6 (PDF)